About Elite Boxing & Thai Boxing Gym

Mixed Martial Arts Gym Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK

Looking for a new challenge? Lacking motivation? Fed up with overcrowded, under supervised gyms?

Why Elite Boxing Gym?

Elite Boxing gym based in Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK, delivers the maximum benefits you’d get from private training but with a friendly, competitive dimension of having someone to train alongside. We open throughout the day which is perfect for those with flexible or difficult working hours. All our classes are small, private lessons with a maximum of six people. Our qualified boxing coaches will help you gain the most from your sessions, eliminating bad habits and ensuring you optimise your time in the gym. We pride ourselves on our results and always make sure that you are training hard and achieving your individual goals.

Elite facilities

Our gym, as you’d expect, is fully equipped with punch bags, a full size boxing ring, a large matted area, free weights, and an extensive variety of fitness equipment including kettle bells, rowing machine, bike machine and grappler etc. Members are also welcome to use our shower facilities and we sell a range of energy drinks, supplements and water to keep you fully fuelled and hydrated during your session.

Elite ethos

At the heart of everything we do here at Elite are our qualified, friendly coaches who play a vital role in helping you achieve your goals. No matter how much the equipment costs that you’re using in the gym it won’t get you fitter unless you push beyond your comfort zone. Our coaches understand that’s daunting sometimes after a hard day’s work or if you’re simply lacking enthusiasm. It’s their mission to get you energised, motivated and fit.

Your first lesson

The first lesson at Elite boxing gym is always free and gives you a no-obligation opportunity to find out if our training is right for you. It’s a great way of getting a close-up look at the gym and meeting our coaches who can quickly and accurately assess how fit you are and how easily you pick up the training. This helps us to shape a tailored plan for each of our members and to understand specifically what they want to gain from their sessions.