“Importance of sparring in Boxing”


Sparring in Boxing or Thai boxing is one of the most important tools in your training routine for anyone looking to compete or even just to improve your skills. Its the closest thing to actually fighting so therefore the best time to see what works and what doesn’t.

There are several different types of sparring rather than just fighting with your sparring partner it is important to learn your basic skills and have reasonable fitness before sparring. At Elite we use several different technique spars to build up your technique and also your confidence.

Sparring is so important because unlike pad work your sparring partner is trying to get out the way or block your attacks where as your pad man wants you to hit the pads and although he will be hitting you back with the pads won’t be trying as hard to hit you as your sparring partner would be.

Your defense in boxing is very important without a good defense a spar just becomes a battle of who hits the hardest or who has the best chin, as we said earlier the sparring is a really important part of your training for this reason, you get to practice landing your shots and your defense’s. At Elite we believe the best way to teach is to go slowly through the techniques and practice  we try to use the same idea with sparring so we will start off with some basic defense work with one boxer throwing the jab and one boxer catching the jab then as the boxers confidence grows we build up the sparring to where both boxers are throwing the jab and then possibly one boxer using the left hand only one boxer only using the jab and so on until the boxers are confident and skillful enough to have a full spar.

When sparring the whole point of the spar is to improve both fighters defense, attack and confidence whilst also improving timing and accuracy some boxers seem to think it is time to practice there power and aggression all this will do is give you bad habits and take away the other boxers confidence that’s why at Elite we believe in technique sparring and building up a fighter technique and confidence and letting the boxer develop there own style and flair.

We have a sparring class every Saturday from 12 until 1pm that is FREE  for all our members we have a variety of people that train at the gym from professional boxers to novice keep fitters, for the professional fighters and boxers that want to compete sparring is essential but for the members who just keep fit sparring is way to see how much you have improved and how the skills and techniques work in a realistic situation.

If anyone is interested in coming down and building there skill level up and learning how to box or Thai box or just to improve your skills why not contact us and come give us a try the first lesson is absolutely free.

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