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A boxing class - Paul Usher and Alex Matvienko train on the pads

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More about the classes

The gym is open throughout the day from 8a.m. in the morning until 9p.m. at night all the class’s during these times are small private classes with the maximum of six people per class, sometimes the class’s have less than six especially throughout mornings or early afternoons. Every session is a different session than the last this ensures that your body is never getting used to the training, this is so that your body is always being shocked into using different muscles. We structure the class around the individuals needs so whether it’s getting stronger, fitter or simply just improving your skill in boxing or Thai boxing we make sure you achieve your goals.

Women’s classes

We also offer women’s “only” classes because we know that for some women training with men around can be quite daunting these classes are paid per lesson and unlike the classes during the day they could have more than six people in each class. Click the link to find out more about the women’s boxing classes.

Meet the coaches

Paul Usher

Elite boxing coach Paul Usher

I have been coaching boxing now for four years, I used to train at elite boxing/Thai boxing before becoming a volunteer and now I work here full time. I have learnt the majority of what I know from Alex and Sean who used to coach me whilst I was training here but have also been on several training courses including recently an a.b.a full coach’s course which I passed and I am always looking to improve my knowledge by reading up on new fitness and strength exercises and looking for relevant courses and qualifications. I feel that in order to keep developing the boxers at the gym I need to keep learning and developing myself too.

I enjoy seeing results in people for example people losing weight, getting fitter and better at boxing, so always make sure I know what people goals are and make sure people are pushed just enough in their lessons.

Alex Matvienko

Elite boxing coach Alex Matvienko

I am a professional boxer training at Oliver’s gym in Salford I am trained by Humphrey and Oliver Harrison who train boxers such as Jamie Moore, Mark Thompson, Martin Murray, Craig Lyons, Scott Mitchell and other up and coming prospects.

I have been boxing for over fifteen years now and have trained under several highly respected amateur and professional coaches during this time I have picked up a lot of boxing knowledge and also nutrition and diet advice.

I have owned and worked at elite boxing/ Thai boxing for five years, we have had great results in using our knowledge and helping students improving and changing their lifestyles. We have had numerous results in weight/fat loss (up to 5 stone +) with our members and are continuously achieving results like this day to day just check our “before and after” for genuine results!!

I have great satisfaction from seeing people change their lifestyles and becoming fitter and more energetic from month to month which is obviously helping them achieve more from life.

Sean Fogg

Image of Elite Thai boxing coach Sean Fogg

I am the part owner and main Thai boxing instructor at elite boxing/Thai boxing and I am also an aba qualified boxing coach. I have been coaching Thai boxing and boxing for over ten years now and been working at elite for ten years. I like to mix my lessons up with technique and fitness and like to get all my members fit and make sure there all being pushed throughout their lesson.

I like to keep my knowledge about technique and fitness up to date by going to other clubs training and going to Thai boxing and boxing shows.